Mano Del Puma | For Pour Over, Drip



Roaster Notes: 
This honey processed El Salvadorian bean produces a bright and vivacious coffee that will be a wonderful addition to your morning routine. I roasted and sampled the coffee and was pleasantly surprised to find beautifully nutty aromas. Upon first sip, I was greeted by a soft and approachable keylime and green apple acidity gracefully dancing on top of a graham cracker and honeydew melon backbone. I can't wait for y'all to try this one. 

Importer Notes:
"This one of a kind coffee which is a hybrid of two processes, dehydrated honey & natural. After cherries are picked and sorted, they're then placed into pourous bags, exposed to oxygen in a ventilated area. During this process, honey (mucilage) dehydrates and oxidizes. Then, with minimal water, coffee is depulped and placed on raised beds to dry with most of the mucilage still intact. Carlos Pola, Director of Production, cultivated coffee in a dramatically new and sustainable manner. His passion for traceability led him to develop an application used by his farm team to track all stages from harvest to green exportable."