Guji Kalimaz | For Pour Over, Drip, Cold Brew



Roaster Notes:
We are getting aromas of honeycomb, black currant, and limoncello. First impressions of this coffee give you a nice, creamy full body with notes of dark chocolate and grape packed jam. As it cools, more notes of vanilla and even strawberry start to peek through. This offering is complex and still round enough to appease coffee drinkers of all levels.

Importer Notes:
 "Grown in Guji, Ethiopia, Kalimaz is a Natural Processed coffee, when just a cherry, went through an anaerobic state for 24 hours before being placed on beds for the natural process to take over. That act alone created some of the most powerful G1 profiles to date. Overseen by Project Site Manager Tariku Getachew. He is a second generation coffee farmer who oversee's the Guji site."