Why Is Colombian Coffee so Good?

Why Is Colombian Coffee so Good?

Feb 10, 2022Pax & Beneficia

  It’s no secret that coffee drinkers crave the rich taste that Colombian coffee has to offer. Café de Colombia is defined as a clean cup, with balanced acidity, medium to high body and a pronounced aroma. But what is it that really sets Colombian coffee apart from other types of coffee? Moreover, what makes a cup of Colombian joe taste so good?

Location, Location, Location

Colombia’s mountainous terrains contain the ideal soil for coffee to grow in. The high mountains combined with a tropical climate makes it the perfect place to grow high-quality coffee. The various coffee-growing areas in Colombia provide variations in the beans that are grown. Some are more acidic, while some are sweeter when brewed. Colombia’s landscape provides the opportunity to create the perfect coffee for anyone. When it comes to that high-quality 100% Colombian coffee that coffee lovers crave, there is no doubt that geography is what makes the coffee.

‘Cherry Picking’

While location allows Colombian beans to acquire their unique taste, the way coffee is harvested in Colombia also has a lot to do with its world renowned quality, flavor, and aroma. Nearly every coffee bean shipped worldwide originated on a small coffee farm, and was hand-picked by a Colombian working on that farm. That means there's no sacrificing quality for quantity for Colombian coffee producers! This manual harvesting process, which is also referred to as ‘cherry picking’, ensures the picking of fully ripe beans, which means only the most flavorful beans end up in your cup later (hence, the taste!).

100% Arabica Beans

The two main types of coffee beans grown around the world are Arabica and Robusta. Colombia produces mostly Arabica beans and it is a common opinion among coffee drinkers that Arabica is the most appealing. While it is a bit pricier, Arabica is smoother in texture, tastes sweeter, has chocolate-like notes, and has less caffeine than Robusta. New coffee drinkers tend to prefer the smooth taste of Arabica rather than the strong coffee taste that Robusta has to offer. Colombia is one of the only countries in the world that produces 100% Arabica beans; you know that you’ll be getting Arabica whenever you drink a cup of Colombian coffee!

Although there are many types of coffee, Colombian coffee has earned a worldwide reputation for being the best.  The combination of perfect soil, weather, hand-picked beans, and the ideal coffee variety gives a unique flavor that is hard to compete with.

Craving a freshly brewed cup of Colombian coffee? Head to one of our Pax & Beneficia signature café locations and delight your senses with our premium coffee. While you enjoy your next cup of Colombian joe, think of where the coffee originated and let the flavor and aroma of your café de Colombia transport you to the green mountains of Colombia.


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