10 Must-Know Fun Facts About Coffee

10 Must-Know Fun Facts About Coffee

Nov 11, 2022Pax & Beneficia

At Pax & Beneficia, we believe that knowing more about coffee-related topics helps us enhance and better understand the culture surrounding it.  That’s why our blog discusses a variety of topics, ranging from a coffee glossary to the health benefits of coffee .  We also know how dedicated coffee-lovers are constantly looking for new topics to share with their friends and loved ones, so here are 10 interesting facts about coffee to help you engage intelligently.

10 Fun Facts About Coffee

  1. Brazil grows the most coffee in the world

This comes as a surprise to many people, as other countries such as Colombia and Ethiopia are celebrated for their coffee.  Popular coffee-producing countries though, are often recognized for their quality, which doesn’t always translate to how much they produce.  Thanks to Brazil's extensive coffee growing regions, Brazil accounts for around one-third of the world’s coffee.

  1. Coffee cherries can be used for a variety of things other than coffee

Yep, you heard that right.  Coffee cherries may be famous thanks to coffee, but they can (and are) used for other purposes–including in beauty products and as fertilizers.

  1. Coffee is a fruit

The coffee beans that we know and love are not fruit; they’re seeds that are found inside the coffee cherry.  Once ripe, the coffee cherries are harvested and the beans are removed.  The actual coffee cherries are known for being sweet and mild, which is why they can be utilized in different ways.

  1. Coffee wasn’t always the drink of choice in the United States

The United States has a rich coffee culture, so it’s easy to assume that it’s always been like that.  Contrary to popular belief, tea was the popular beverage in the U.S. until the Boston Tea Party.  This means that American coffee culture really kicked off in 1773, when tea wasn’t always the available or economic option.

  1. Decaf coffee still contains caffeine

    The name “decaf” is very misleading.  Though there is a decaffeination method applied, there’s still a small percentage of caffeine that remains in the beverage.  There are multiple factors that determine how much caffeine a cup of decaf coffee contains, but the average caffeine content is around 7 mg, which is still quite a bit less than the 70+ mg in a regular cup.

  1. The most expensive coffee is made from cat poop

The civet is a cat-like creature that can be found in Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.  It’s from this creature that comes the most expensive coffee in the world, with just one cup of coffee costing $30 to $80, and a pound reaching up to $600.  The reason why this coffee is highly valued is because the digestive enzymes in the civet change the structure of the proteins of the coffee, resulting in a smoother and less acidic flavor.

  1. Coffee drinkers live longer

Research shows that moderate consumption (about 3 to 4 cups per day) can be linked to a longer lifespan and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and Parkinson's disease.  This may be due to the natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements that coffee contains.

  1. You can overdose on coffee

You would need to drink an excessive amount of coffee for this to happen, but it is possible.  The amount of caffeine a person can drink varies on their weight and tolerance, but a 2017 study found that you would need to drink 30 cups of coffee in a short amount of time to reach those lethal levels.

  1. Coffee is one of the most traded agricultural commodities

This just goes to show how important coffee truly is.  It’s in such high demand all over the world that it’s one of the most traded commodities in the world.  While there are many traditions and different preparations of coffee, it’s also treasured as being something that brings together different people and cultures.

  1. Research suggests that coffee boosts our feelings of happiness

It’s no secret that coffee brings us our daily dose of happiness, but now research suggests this to be true.  The properties in a cup of coffee don’t only make us healthier, but they help us u nlock our full potential.  This is because the body releases its own stimulants when we drink coffee, which just so happens to be the same stimulants known for being feel-good chemicals. Learn More Coffee Facts With Pax & Beneficia
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