Coffee & Meditation: The New Must-Try Trend

Coffee & Meditation: The New Must-Try Trend

Feb 16, 2023Pax & Beneficia

Coffee and meditation are two popular practices that many people use in their daily lives. Though these two things may seem quite different, they do have something in common: they’re used to help prepare a person’s mind and body for the day ahead of them. Though many people use these practices separately, there’s an increasing curiosity about whether they can be used together to increase mindfulness. At Pax & Beneficia, we love discovering new ways that coffee can be incorporated into our busy schedules; that’s why we’re going to dive into the power of coffee and meditation (and also why it’s not for everyone). 

Coffee and Meditation: Benefits & Potential Drawbacks

Both coffee and meditation have a long history with different cultures and techniques. Coffee is known for its energizing properties and is enjoyed all over the world for its flavor, aroma, and the boost it provides to mental and physical performance. Meditation, on the other hand, uses techniques, such as mindfulness or focused attention, to train the mind and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. With such benefits surrounding these two practices, it leaves us to wonder: should they be combined to enhance results or kept separate to maintain the tradition? The answer isn’t black and white—it entirely depends on each person and how they react to caffeine. Let’s take a look at some of the potential benefits and drawbacks.


  • Improved focus and concentration. The caffeine in coffee can help increase alertness and mental focus, which can be beneficial for some types of meditation, such as concentration or mindfulness practices. 
  • Increased energy. Coffee can provide an energy boost that can make it easier to stick with a regular meditation practice, especially when you're feeling tired.

  • Reduced stress. Both coffee and meditation have been shown to have stress-reducing effects. Drinking coffee before meditation can help to reduce feelings of anxiety and promote a sense of calm, while meditation can help to reduce overall stress levels and promote relaxation.

  • Increased creativity. The combination of caffeine and meditation can help to stimulate the brain, which can lead to increased creativity, more productive thinking, and problem-solving.

  • Awareness and self-knowledge: Meditation can help to increase self-awareness and introspection, making it easier to identify any negative habits or patterns that may be contributing to stress or anxiety. By being more aware of our emotions and thoughts, you can develop a better relationship with coffee as well.

Potential Drawbacks

The main disadvantage of coffee when it comes to meditation is that it’s a stimulant, which can make it difficult for some people to relax and focus their minds. Caffeine can cause an increase in heart rate and anxiety, therefore making it harder to achieve a meditative state. This may go against what we said in the benefits section, but that’s because not everyone reacts the same way to caffeine. While some people may be able to drink multiple espresso drinks and maintain a calm state of mind, others could feel overstimulated by the caffeine. This also goes to show that you should be aware of how much caffeine different types of coffees have so that you don’t consume more than you’re comfortable with. You can read more about the different caffeine content in popular beverages here.

Pay Attention to How You Feel

If you’re new to the meditation and coffee world, that’s alright! What’s important is that you pay attention to your body and mind so that you can create an ideal atmosphere that works for you. Since everyone has different techniques for improving their mindfulness, you may need to adjust your routine to better fit your needs.

For instance, if coffee before meditation is too distracting, try switching it to after. And if that doesn’t work, there’s nothing wrong with keeping these two things separate! Whether they’re together or separate, you’ll still receive the benefits of meditation and drinking coffee.

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