How the Famous Americano Coffee Earned Its Name

How the Famous Americano Coffee Earned Its Name

May 02, 2022Pax & Beneficia

  At Pax, we’re infatuated with the culture behind coffee.  Like variability in language and culture, it’s interesting to see how each country has different preparations and preferences on how they like to drink their coffee.  While some like a strong espresso shot, others like the creaminess of a well-made latte or cappuccino.  An Americano is unique in itself.  Not only is it a classic and delicious cup of coffee, but it has an interesting story behind its name.

Americano Coffee History

It’s not unusual to hear a person order an Americano in cafes in the United States. Practically every American cafe that you go to has it on the menu.  For that reason, many people wrongly assume that that’s how it got its name.  However, the history of this drink dates back to Italy during World War II.

It’s no secret that soldiers relied heavily on coffee to give them the pick-me-up they required on a long day of service.  While stationed in Italy, they had the advantage of having easy access to cafes all across the Italian landscape.  However, the traditional Italian espresso was unpalatable to a lot of American soldiers, as the coffee was too strong and rich.  After all, if you’re used to drinking drip coffee, then espresso definitely has a bolder flavor profile.

To make it more agreeable and to remind them of home, coffee shops started serving espressos in bigger coffee cups, and diluting the espresso with hot water.  This reduced the strong flavors that espresso offers, resulting in a coffee that American soldiers enjoyed more.  The locals ultimately named this coffee the “caffè Americano,” otherwise known as the Americano. 

Americanos Today



Today, you can find Americanos throughout the entire world.  You can drink them as is, or you can choose to add milk, sugar, and syrups; you can even enjoy its iced alternative.  You can also adjust the strength of your Americano by altering the water content to be added to the espresso, be it a full glass of hot water or equal parts water and espresso.

Coffee is meant to be enjoyed. With so many methods of preparation and different ways to customize coffee, there’s no reason for anyone to settle for “bad” coffee.  The trick is to try different types of coffee until you find the one you love.  Come discover your perfect cup of coffee at Pax & Beneficia

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