What Makes Turkish Coffee Special

What Makes Turkish Coffee Special

Apr 28, 2022Pax & Beneficia


For us, coffee isn’t only about getting an extra boost of caffeine; it means coming together and spending time with our loved ones.  That’s why our goal is to make these moments memorable by offering different artisanal coffee options so that everyone can find that perfect cup that fits their preference.  Although we have many different options, one of the beverages that is unique and special to us is our Turkish coffee.  

What Is Turkish Coffee?

As suggested by the name, Turkish coffee is the traditional style of coffee preparation that can be found in Turkey, as well as other countries.  Unsweetened Turkish coffee can be described as bold, strong, and with a thick consistency.  Although many people enjoy this beverage without any additives, others put cream and sugar in it to balance its slightly bitter taste.  In addition, many people choose to add unique and delicious spices to their coffee.

So, what spices are in Turkish coffee?  Some of the common flavors that are used to enhance the taste include cinnamon, clove, and cardamon.  At Pax, our Turkish coffee has subtleties of cardamom to enhance the flavor profile.

Aside from the taste, the big difference between Turkish coffee and other types of coffee is the preparation.

How Is Turkish Coffee Made?



There are a couple of interesting aspects that make this coffee preparation different from the rest.  To start, we have to discuss the type of coffee that’s used.  For Turkish coffee to be prepared successfully, it’s important that the coffee beans are very finely ground.  The reason being is that the coffee beans are not filtered out, so the fine grounds make it easier to disintegrate in the hot water.

When it comes to preparation, the cezve is the key tool that makes it possible.  The cezve is a small, long-handled pot with a pouring lip that was designed specifically for Turkish coffee (as shown in the picture above).  The cezve is where the coffee grounds and water are placed together for brewing.  Although it’s possible to use other types of pots for this preparation, the traditional cezve is important because its size and shape allow you to more uniformly control the boiling process.

To prepare Turkish coffee, the ground coffee, water, sugar and spices (if desired) are mixed together in the cezve.  Traditionally, to brew Turkish coffee, a pan is filled with sand and heated over an open flame.  When done this way, the heat used for brewing can be adjusted by the depth of the coffee in the sand.  However, you can also make Turkish coffee over different types of heat; the most important thing is that you have a cezve, a source of heat, and know all the tricks to make a great coffee

Come & Try a Turkish Coffee at Pax

Not only is Turkish coffee delicious, but the presentation is an experience on its own.  So be it to try a unique coffee option or to make for great pictures, we invite you to come and try our Turkish coffee at Pax & Beneficia and learn more about the culture behind this traditional cup of coffee.

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